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Parenting Paused

May 23, 2022

Do others try an influence the way you parent? Are you asked about what you are doing?
Purejoy is here to support you to be true to yourself- which can be hard sometimes! To unpack your conditioning back towards your own knowing and trust yourself.
We do this by creating an environment where you can discover your...

May 16, 2022

Healthy Aggression? 

It may be hard to consider these two words together! Aggression is typically seen in our culture as a negative expression. 

In this week's episode Leslie shares about what is going on underneath aggression and why it might be showing up in your parenting.

May 9, 2022

In the US we just celebrated Mother's day- how did that go for you?  What is the current aftermath? 

Such a ripe time to consider what happened versus your expectations- no matter how you perceive it went- right?

Tune into this week's episode for a deeper consideration of where those expectations come from and how...

May 2, 2022

You hear a lot about attachment in the conversation of parenting, yeah? How to respond to your child on demand- how to connect. 

But have you considered healthy separation and what that might look like in your parenting journey?

Tune into this week's episode to hear more!

Apr 25, 2022

What do you hold sacred in your parenting?

We each probably have a different definition of what sacred means- and how does that come into your parenting?

Tune into this week's episode to hear more about what it might look like to hold the present moment as a sacred experience of being with your child.