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Parenting Paused

Nov 20, 2023

Hey amazing parents! Leslie Potter here with a heartfelt pause for gratitude on this Thanksgiving week. Whether you're a regular listener or joining us for the first time, THANK YOU for being part of the Parenting Paused community.

Parenting is a wild ride, and kudos to all of you for taking a less traditional path! This week, let's dive into the transformative power of GRATITUDE.

I used to struggle with gratitude – it felt forced. But I realized it's a practice, a conscious choice to find appreciation even in challenging moments. This week, I invite you to join me. What moments evoke gratitude? Share below and let's inspire each other.

And here's a Purejoy challenge: What is it like to offer thanks to yourself? Parenting is tough, but you're here, seeking growth. Practice dropping the self-criticism just for this week and acknowledge the incredible parent you are.


Happy Thanksgiving!