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Parenting Paused

Nov 13, 2023

​​If you've been with me, you know we're all about embracing a different way to parent – one that honors each child's unique spirit.

This week, let's dive into PRESSURE. Where does it come from? Have you ever felt the weight of external expectations making you question your parenting choices? I sure have!

In the quest for conscious parenting, I realized much of the pressure was linked to external influences. Ever been there? It can be overwhelming!

But here's the twist – what if the key is shifting your focus? Instead of telling your little ones what they can't do, what if you ask, "What's going on inside them that doesn't feel okay?"

Take a pause this week, break free from external pressures, and understand your children's behavior through empathy. Ever noticed your child expressing stress through their actions? 

Listen, here.