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Parenting Paused

Sep 28, 2020

Moving from head to heart can be challenging since as children we construct barriers to protect core vulnerabilities. Our children awaken the heart and the opportunity is to turn back reclaiming the precious part of your being. Happily Family Conference:

Sep 24, 2020

Often in parenting we run into the belief that if we can fix everything our kids will turn out perfect. Remembering, our kids are not broken, just messy little humans, can lead us back to the ever present happiness in the moment.

Sep 22, 2020

We all want to be more conscious in our parenting and yet during times of stress we can end up regressing into old behaviors of blaming and complaining about our children. Learn how to work with yourself and your child when regressive behavior shows up in your home.

Sep 18, 2020

Growing ourselves  up and taking responsibility for being the adult in our relationship with our child creates emotional safety. Find out what it looks like to step up, opening to your vulnerability while learning to SafeSeat. 

Sep 15, 2020

When does caring for yourself cross the line into self-indulgence? You might be surprised by the answer to this question from the Purejoy view.